Ashley & Evan
Our Love Story
how i met HER
Ashley and I met in my senior year in Social Psychology, an elective I took to destress from my Thesis. I had always fiddled and spun my pen as a focus tactic, but on this day I noticed a young woman eyeing me. Throughout the semester the professor would instruct us to speak about ourselves, and I did not hold back speaking of my many experiences throughout my tenure at Howard. Surely this young woman had heard the dazzling stories and was now entranced by the fiddling of my pen. Soon after the semester ended, my roommates and I hosted a graduation party and as I went to open the door, I was surprisedly greeted by the same young woman from class, with the same smile she had that day staring at me (my pen). We spent the rest of the party talking, telling stories to one another, and before she left I was able to secure her digits. I asked her on a date later that week and have not looked back.
how i met him
Evan and I met at a true HU DARTY. During the Spring of 2015, A mutual friend invited me to a graduation party hosted off campus. When I walked through the door I was greeted by a young man whom, I had never met but was eager to introduce himself to me as the host of the party. The day party went on and we spent every minute enjoying each other’s company. At the end of the night, we exchanged numbers and have been together ever since. (I learned later through a mutual friend that we did in fact have class together.)